About us

Qatar Trading Company W.L.L. has been in business for more than 50 years.We have been the pioneer in bringing solutions and quality innovative products to address the ever growing industry needs of Qatar and we strive to even further our contribution to the country’s economy.

I believe in my team capabilities in implementation of company’s vision and objectives.we always strive to be a part of the enthusiatic modernization of Qatar with its booming economy and fast paced society,which offer opportunity to traders and retailers to exist and thrive successfully.Thanks to the vision of His Highness the Father Emir and The Emir.

We value the trust and confidence that was given to us by our loyal customers.We strive to maintain to be true to that commitment to ever survive in this fast paced business environment.Our Past performance has been good and we expect to do better in the coming years.

Mr. Mohamed M. AL Shamlan
Managing Director

I believe in the full potential of Qatar Trading Company W.L.L. to further enhance our contribution to the economy of Qatar.We have gained steady rate of growth in the past and expect to continue the trend in the future. In line with this belief and vision, we not only bring quality and innovative products to Qatar,but also do our best to support the after sales service requirements of our customers.

I am happy to announce that we recently completed our building separately for “Outdoor Services” and “Cleaning Division” worshops.This will have modernized and better facilities to take care of the demanding after sales service requirements.QTC will remain true to its commitment to take care of the confidence and trust imposed on us by all our customers.

I value the contribution of our people for our company’s success and i take this opportunity to thank them all.Most importantly i also thank our customers who,without hesitation have given us their loyal support and patronized our products.QTC will remain committed to its promise and support to all its stake holders.Further, I also wish to thank our business partners and suppliers for their continued belief on our capabilities and vision.

Mr. Tariq M. AL Shamlan
Managing Director

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